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The 3rd International Contest Photo Nature 2019 is being held by the Associação Jauense de Ambiente e Cultura – AJAC in the second half of 2019.

This contest has three sections: Open Color, Open Monochrome and Nature

It has the patronage of Federation Internationale l’ Art Photographique (FIAP) and Confederação Brasileira de Fotografia (CONFOTO) and International Association Arts Photographers (IAAP).

Registration will be closed on September 15, 2019.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1 – Does the contest website and its rules have only a Portuguese version?

No. The Photo Nature International management system and contest rules are translated into English by clicking on the flag of England in the upper right corner of the main page (

2 – What steps are necessary for effective participation in Photo Nature International?

The process begins with the registration, continues with the sending of the photos and is effective with the payment of the registration fee.

3 – How many photos can I take with Photo Nature International?

Each participant has the right to send up to 12 photos (although you can send less), up to 4 photos for the “open color”, 4 photos for the “open monochrome” section and up to 4 photos for the “nature” section.

4 – What are the dimension and size of photos for participation?

The dimensions of photos must be at most 3.000 pixels wide and 2.000 pixels high for horizontal photos. And 2.000 pixels at maximum height for vertical photos. In addition, the files size not exceed 4mb.

5 – Only in the “nature” section will color and “black and white” photos be accepted?

Yes. You can participate with colored photos and “black and white” in the “nature” section, making the combination that you think is best. Knowing that in this edition of 2018, we will have two free sections, one for color photos only and one for “black and white” photos.

6 – What is the basic difference between the “open” sections and the “nature” section?

In the “open” sections, all categories of photos are accepted, regardless of their theme.

In the “nature” section, only photos dealing with the natural world, without human presence or its evidences, represented by roads, fences, anchorages, electricity grids, buildings or any other characteristic elements are accepted. In this way, records will also not be accepted in zoos, aquariums, hunting farms, botanical gardens, recovery centers, breeding sites and any other localities where animals depend on human action to feed themselves.

7 – Can the photos to be uploaded have been manipulated using software?

Specifically for the images to be entered in the “nature” section, it is not allowed to use techniques that add, remove or replace pictorial elements, nor the use of mounts – clippings are allowed.

Except for the rules described above, which apply only to the “nature” section, the images can be changed by the participant.

We remind that the images can not be built entirely with the use of software, and all the final work must be delivered in photographic film, in electronic file or in photographic or electronic material, except in the case of assemblies.

8 – Can I send photos made by other people?

No. All photos or photographic components used in assemblies must have been photographed by the participant.

9 – What is the application fee for participation in Photo Nature International?

The registration fee for Brazilians is R$ 30.00, including the right to participate fully in the “open color”, “open monochrome” and “nature” sections. Payment can be made by deposit or bank transfer, being necessary the sending of the voucher for control, change of status and later filing.

The application fee for foreigners is € 12.00 for a section and € 15.00 for two or three sections. Payment must be made through PayPal

10 – How can I follow my participation in the contest?

The Photo Nature International management system ( has the “status” tab, through which all registered participants can monitor their situation in the contest (and the other names), including name, country of origin, photos sent in each section and status of payment of registration.

11 – How will the winners be chosen?

The choice will be made basically through the sum of points awarded by the three jurors. However, we must emphasize that no participant can receive more than one prize in each section (“free color”, “free black / white” and “nature”), which guarantees the award of at least 40 contestants.

The prize for best author can still be awarded to the participants who have been awarded in the three sections, with greater acceptance and general scoring.

For the foreign participants we will have the Special Award of Best Photo Club

For the Brazilian participants we will have the Special Awards of Best Photo Club and the Top 10 Brazilian Authors.

12 – How will I know the result of this contest?

The organization will send a notification card with your personal result to the e-mail of all participants. In addition, the final result, containing the complete list of acceptances and awards of all participants will be published in the “results” tab of the management system of Photo Nature International (

13 – Will Photo Nature International have a catalog?

Yes. Photo Nature International will present in a timely manner a catalog in “pdf”, which will be sent to all participants who have completed their registration. Subsequently, the catalog will also be available on the website of the Associação Jauense de Ambiente e Cultura (


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